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Hosting features


DDoS threat protection Your infrastructure is protected against distributed denial of service attacks.

Disk Mirroring

Redundant Array of Independent Disks All data is replicated live multiple times to ensure no data is lost in case of hardware failure.

SSL certificate

Let's encrypt SSL certificate Configuration & installation of a free SSL certificate for an HTTPS ready App.


Backups on a distinct location server Every day your production database and filestore are backed up and kept up to 4 months.


Two kind of monitoring are involved :

  • Host monitoring is done using netdata and allows to see real-time resources consumption : an interactive status page is available with current servers' status.
  • Online presence is ensured using : an analysis of response time and status is performed every hour. In case something goes wrong, an alert is immediately sent to our services.

Preview mode

This feature allows to easily add and remove an authentication request when accessing to the application. It uses a native HTTP basic-auth through an auto-generated .htaccess file.

This feature is especially useful during development/updates phases, in order to prevent search engines from accessing content that is not ready yet, which would result indexing inappropriate content or URL and in decreasing SEO score.

Maintenance mode

Easily put an instance on hold Set website under maintenance and prevent unwanted changes during a transition phase.

Mirroring hot swap

Instant Disaster Recovery Real-time replication of production host on a distinct infrastructure. Use of a unique fail-over IP address.